Welcome to 3xG Global

3xG Global delivers specialized consulting expertise to empower individuals and businesses to overcome challenges, maximize efficiencies, and unlock growth potential. Our diverse areas of specialization provide a breadth of perspective and industry knowledge.

3xG Global Solutions is proud of its unique and hands-on approach to providing personalized solutions to complex issues while exceeding industry best practices.

  • Notary Public & Legal Services:
    • Certifying copies of documents as “true copies”, Administer oaths, Take Affidavits, Certify various documents required by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), SIN, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or Canadian Government applications, Swearing any other documents.law-book
    • Our Legal services include, but are not limited to preparation of all legal documents, consultations, business incorporation, immigration documents, etc.  This service is by appointment only.
  • Business design & performance improvement: Business Design and Performance Improvement services translate into realistic strategies for meeting your growth objectives for both established and new businesses.
    • business consulting
    • start up assistance
    • planning
    • budgeting
    • income tax consultation and preparation
    • audit assistance
    • HST filing
    • bookkeeping
  • Personal Document Services: 3xG Global offices offers pragmatic solutions to complex issues such as immigration and travel documents, second career research and document preparation, resume creation and employment services, and assistance with government appeals and disputes.
  • Personal Financial Solutions: Our experienced and knowledgeable specialists guide clients in removing the mystery of personal finance and empower them to make educated, informed decisions and gain confidence about their financial future.

Contact us today to learn how 3xG Global Solutions will develop your own  personalized, high-level strategies to create real measurable results.