Mortgage Solutions

We all know how aggressive and short sighted the big 5 banks can be. An independent mortgage broker can provide the best available service, rates and knowledge of the finance industry. We work with over 35 lenders which allow us to shop for your best interest and needs. We are highly motivated to keep the mortgage process simple and stress free. Many people still believe that you only use a broker if you have credit issues. This is the furthest from the truth. Today the banks try to confuse consumers with so many products, cross-selling, and tied selling. With all this smoke and mirrors, it is difficult to know what each institution has to offer. As specialists, we have access to all the products of over 35 lenders and are able to compare the features and benefits that would be most advantageous. We work diligently to get your approval at the lowest rate possible and with the best options for your needs. Considering credit score, short term or long term borrowing needs, the variable interest rates or the fixed rates, we can create the best scenario.

Areas of expertise:

  • Assisting first time homebuyers
  • Mortgage Renewals
  • Mortgage/Debt consolidations
  • Lines of Credit
  • Refinancing to access equity for investing
  • Refinancing to allow for better cash flow management
  • Refinancing for children’s education

Additional benefits:

  • We work closely with Workfolk Law so all transactions requiring legal assistance can be easily and seamlessly handled

We would welcome the opportunity to get together to further discuss how we can help you with your mortgage or lending needs.

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